Dr. B. V. A. Rao

Dr. B. V. A. Rao is the Chairman of the Indian Montessori Centre. He has been actively involved in the activities of the IMC and has been extremely supportive in its functioning. Despite being an extremely busy individual, Dr. Rao has always made himself available to help and guide the activities of the Indian Montessori Centre.

An academician-par-excellence, Dr. Rao has been associated with Vellore Institute of Technology; a premier institute located in Vellore He was instrumental in its tremendous expansion process. He was a Professor of Applied Mechanics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras for 30 years. Dr. Rao has penned more than 150 publications and has guided more than 15 Ph. D and research students. He has been actively connected with many professional societies which include FIE, FIIPE, FASI, FTSI, FFPSI. He has been conferred as a Fellow by the Indian National Academy of Engineering (FNAE) for his research contributions. Dr. Rao has travelled widely and has also been a Visiting Professor for different institutes in Germany, Holland, and Singapore.

The first Stanley Ehrlich award (Gold) was conferred to Dr. Rao in the year 2004 by the Acoustical Foundation (India) for his contributions in the field of acoustics. He was also awarded the silver medal in Noise in 2002.

Mrs. Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan

Introduction to the Montessori world started in 1965 when Meenakshi did the training course. Since then it has been a nonstop work in the field of Montessori education. Sometimes as an adult and sometimes as the director of Montessori Houses of children, her passion for the work with children grew.

Later loving commands from elders like Mrs. Ada Montessori, daughter in law of Dr Maria Montessori took her to the field of training teachers in the Montessori Method.(Association Montessori Internationale. Holland). This went on nonstop in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad. She had trained hundreds of Montessori teachers. There was a great need for trained directors of training who could train teachers. Meenakshi had to take that task up also.

Meenakshi was invited by our neighbouring countries to be the external Examiner of Montessori Training courses.Several conferences and Congress have been organised by Meenakshi under the auspices of the Indian Montessori Centre of which she is a founder member. She held different positions in the Indian Montessori Centre. She is now retired from the active work of that organisation

Meenakshi's inner urge to spread the Montessori ideals enthused her to translate 'Secret of Childhood' - a book by Dr. Montessori into Kannada She is the author of several articles in different languages. Some parts of the training courses have been translated into Tamil and her bilingual book is very much appreciated. She has been instrumental in bringing into being several booklets. She is on the Editorial Board of the official magazine of the Indian Montessori Centre.

Apart from the work in the Montessori field her interests extend to children of needy parents. She is a past president of the Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare. Her friendly nature has created a large circle of friends and students who love her.

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