Mrs. Sumita Mookerjee

Sumita Mookerjee, is the youngest daughter of eminent physician Dr.Bibhuti Bhushan Chatterjee and Mrs. Dinamayee Chatterjee. Her schooling was primarily at home under the watchful eyes of her father who was a scholar himself.

Her friend introduced her to the then Montessori System exponent Mr. Swamy. Mrs. Mookerjee was very impressed with his talk and through him she got to know about Montessori System. Thereafter, she successfully completed her diploma from AMI, Calcutta.

She returned to Bangalore and joined Shishu Griha Montessori House of Children worked with them for 11 years, helping them to establish the institution. During that period Montessori was just taking off in Bangalore and together with Ms. Radha Nagaraj and Mrs. Sunanda Naganand she started to propagate this method.

After receiving immense experience in field she decided to start her own Institution.

On 10th June, 1990 Arunodoy Montessori House Of Children was opened in Bangalore. The motivating factor behind its conception is contained in the name "ARUNODOY" which was named in the memory of her late son. Initially the institution started with 5 children and by the end of the year the charming ones numbered 15. The institution grew slowly and now she has 100 children by the end of every year. Simultaneously she lent a helping hand to newer Montessorians to start their own ventures. Ankur Montessoru, Chiguru Montessori House, Jackfruit Montessori House, Stepping Stone and many more in and around Bangalore. Extending her help to other cities she helped in establishing Angel Hut Montessori Kolkata & Rims Montessori Kerala.

Mrs. Mookerjee has renewed her knowledge in this system with every possible opportunity. She regularly attends and participates in seminars and conferences and attends certification courses in and around the globe. In the year 1986, she completed her ‘Slow Learning Techniques’ Certification from King’s College, New Jersey USA.

Even at the age of 75, this is just a beginning for her.

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